The Vexillon

The Vexillon, established in 1989, has developed into an award for the most important contribution to vexillology during the two years preceding an International Congress of Vexillology. The recipient is selected by the FIAV Board. The award consists of a certificate signed by the Board and a plaque. The Vexillon is sponsored by the Flag Society of Australia Inc.

Bruce Nicolls

“Practical Aspects of Designing, Making and Flying Flags”

September 29, 1989
William G. Crampton+

Flags of the World
The Complete Guide to Flags
The World of Flags – Pictorial History
The World’s Flags

July 5, 1991
María José Sastre y Arribas

Diccionario de Vexilología
Normas de Descripción y Codificación Vexilologíca
General research into the history of the Madrid coat of arms

August 25, 1993
Frederick G. Brownell

Designing the national flag of the Republic of South Africa

July 5, 1995
Aleš Brožek

Lifetime study into Czech flags and symbols
Publication and continuous update of vexillological bibliography
Editor of “Vexilologie” for over 20 years, thus establishing and maintaining contacts with the West during the “Cold War” era

August 15, 1997
Donald T. Healy and the editorial board and staff of Raven: A Journal of Vexillology

Flags of the Native Peoples of the United States

August 2, 1999
Armand Nöel du Payrat

Album des Pavillons

July 27, 2001
Alfred Znamierowski

The World Encyclopedia of Flags

July 29, 2003
Petr Exner

Vexilologický lexikon—vlajky obcí České republiky

August 5, 2005
John M. Purcell+ and the other authors, editors, and staff of Raven: A Journal of Vexillology

American City Flags Part 1: United States—150 Flags from Akron to Yonkers

August 5, 2005
Howard M. Madaus+ and Whitney Smith+

The American Flag: Two Centuries of Concord & Conflict

August 10, 2007
Andries Burgers+

The South African Flag Book: The History of South African Flags from Dias to Mandela

July 17, 2009
Anne M. Platoff

Russian Regional Flags: The Flags of the Subjects of the Russian Federation

August 5, 2011
Andreas Herzfeld

Die Rimann’sche Sammlung deutscher Autoflaggen und Kfz-Stander

August 9, 2013
Frederick G. Brownell

Convergence and Unification: The National Flag of South Africa (1994) in Historical Perspective

September 4, 2015