Laureates of the Federation

Laureates of the Federation, established in 1969, named by the FIAV Board for making an outstanding, original contribution to the science of vexillology. The award consists of a certificate signed by the Board, a plaque, and a medal bearing the central knot device of the FIAV flag suspended from a neck ribband of blue and yellow, the colors of the FIAV flag, as well as a miniature ribbon and a lapel pin. Laureates may use the post-nominal LF. Laureates are named only when there are worthy recipients.

E.M.C. Barraclough
Whitney Smith
Ottfried Neubecker
William G. Crampton
Scot M. Guenter
September 28, 1983
July 5, 1991
August 2, 1999
August 2, 1999
July 29, 2003