Former Members

Accademia di San Marciano, Sezione Vessillologica (ASM)

Type:  institution
Established:  summer 1967
Member Since:  September 7, 1969 (charter)
Membership Ended:  removed August 13, 1987
Territory:  Italy
Periodical Publication:  Armi Antiche (ISSN 0403-2268; multilingual; annual; since 1954)
Notes:  Sezione Vessillologica ceased to be active 1975 after the creation of CISV

Association française d’études internationale de vexillologie (AFEIV)

Type:  association
Established:  December 2, 1966
Member Since:  September 7, 1969 (charter)
Membership Ended:  resigned 1987
Territory:  France
Periodical Publication:  Vexillologia (French; 1967 to 1975)
Notes:  changed name on July 28, 1969 from Association internationale d’études vexillologique
(AIEV); ceased to be active in late 1975 or early 1976

Confederate States Vexillological Association (CSVA)

Type:  association
Established:  December 29, 2000
Member Since:  July 23, 2001 (number 54)
Membership Ended:  resigned November 27, 2008
Territory:  United States: Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland,
Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee,
Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia
Periodical Publication:  Stars and Bars (ISSN 1535-6779; English; quarterly; since 2001; available online at
Notes:  ceased to be active after Devereaux Cannon’s death on December 29, 2007

Cumann Vexilleolaioch na hÉireann (CVE)
Vexillological Society of Ireland

Type:  association
Established:  March 3, 1984
Member Since:  May 28, 1985 (number 25)
Membership Ended:  resigned 1992
Territory:  Ireland
Periodical Publication:  Irish Vexillology Newsletter (?; 1984 to 1987)

The Flag Design Center (FDC)

Type:  institution
Established:  September 30, 1978
Member Since:  August 27, 1981 (number 21)
Membership Ended:  resigned August 7, 2007
Territory:  Poland
Periodical Publication:  none

Gesellschaft für Österreichische Heereskunde (GOH)

Type:  institution
Established:  ? 1972 (established as “study circle”), ? 1975 (became “constituted association”)
Member Since:  April 17, 1975 (number 17)
Membership Ended:  resigned January 3, 1997
Territory:  Austria
Periodical Publication:  Militaria Austriaca (German; since 1977)

Heraldry Society, Flag Section (HSFS)

Type:  association
Established:  September 7, 1967
Member Since:  September 7, 1969 (charter)
Membership Ended:  removed August 13, 1987
Territory:  United Kingdom
Periodical Publication:  Newsletter (English; 1969 to ?)
Flagmaster (ISSN 0142-5129; English; quarterly; 1971 to 1975)
The Coat of Arms (English; quarterly; since ?)
The Heraldry Gazette (English; quarterly; since ?)
Notes:  Flag Section ceased to be active April 11, 1972 after creation of FI

Office Généalogique et Héraldique de Belgique (OGHB)

Type:  institution
Established:  May 4, 1942
Member Since:  September 7, 1969 (charter)
Membership Ended:  resigned 1985
Territory:  Belgium
Periodical Publication:  Le Parchemin (?; since ?)
Le Héraut (?; since ?)
Le Recueil (?; since ?)

Stichting voor Banistiek en Heraldiek (SBH)

Type:  institution
Established:  June 30, 1964
Member Since:  September 7, 1969 (charter)
Membership Ended:  resigned 1981 following ICV 9
Territory:  Netherlands
Periodical Publication:

United States Flag Foundation (USFF)

Type:  association
Established:  December 31, 1942
Member Since:  September 7, 1969 (charter)
Membership Ended:  resigned April 28, 2003
Territory:  United States
Periodical Publication:  none
Notes:  successor to the American Flag Association (AFA), which was established February 18, 1898
and changed name on April 10, 1924 to the United States Flag Association (USFA)

Vlaggen Dokumentatie Centrum Nederland (VDCN)
Flag Documentation Centre Netherlands

Type:  nstitution
Established:  November 1, 1978
Member Since:  July 23, 2001 (number 53)
Membership Ended:  removed August 1, 2005
Territory:  Netherlands
Periodical Publication:  Info-Bulletin (ISSN 1383-312X; Dutch/English; semiannual 1978 to 1999)
Vlaggen-Info (Dutch/English; quarterly; since 2000)
Notes:  ceased to be active after Derkwillem Visser, Jr.’s death on November 24, 2001

Wappen-Herold, Deutsche Heraldische Gesellschaft e.V. (WH)

Type:  institution
Established:  November 6, 1963
Member Since:  September 7, 1969 (charter)
Membership Ended:  removed July 3, 1995
Territory:  Germany
Periodical Publication:  Der Tappert (ISSN 0082-1705; German; irregular; 1964 to 1981)
Notes:  ceased to be active after Ottfried Neubecker LF, FF’s death in 1992